Suzanne Zilka
Suzanne Zilka, Owner

Welcome to Exemus Graphics specialising in branding for independent small business.

What does branding say about your business?

Running your own business can be a real rollercoaster, and branding your business is no easy ride either. It covers everything from your corporate logo to your values and aims.

Cheap and cheerful, or chic and stylish? Or somewhere in between? Has your existing business evolved, and your branding no longer reflects it?

Taking the time to think about these important factors from time to time helps your business improve and grow, attracting customers who receive the service they were expecting.

Exemus Graphics was established in 2000 and specialises in logo design, branding, rebranding and promotions for start-up and independent small business in Bristol and the surrounding area. Client sectors include beauty & well-being, consultancy and HR, dental/medical, education, environmental charities, ethical business, health & fitness, investment, leadership training, music, not-for-profit organisations and retail. Designing for various business sectors means empathising with people from all backgrounds; being curious about many different trades; listening and understanding what clients want and bringing their aspirations to life.

Why bother?
Well, good branding makes you look good and helps increase recognition and awareness. It strengthens your reputation and makes a positive first impression of your product or service. It helps convey credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism translating into better customer loyalty and increased sales. It makes you stand out amongst hundreds of others. That’s quite a few reasons to bother. So get in touch and let’s start your own rollercoaster!

Design Fees & Freelancing

Charges are based on individual client needs and sometimes an all-inclusive package is most appropriate. So let us know your requirements and we will supply a competitive quote. Also, if you’re a design studio or in-house design department looking to outsource a talented freelance designer or artworker, or need help with managing a specific project, please get in touch.

Print Management & Environment

Exemus Graphics has years of experience in buying and managing print and can handle requirements for a variety of print projects from start to finish, including stationery, company literature, promotional items and branded merchandise.

We have high environmental and sustainability standards and strive for a low carbon footprint, looking out for new and improved ways to have a minimal effect on the environment. To reduce landfill we try to be as paperless as possible and use high grade recycled paper or recyclable paper accredited and certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), both dedicated to promoting responsible forestry, and we work with commercial printers that use eco vegetable-based inks.

Exemus: pronounced [ex-zee-mus]. Derived from the Latin ‘eximius’ meaning excellent.